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Mar 15 - Jun 21

designLAb Spring 2018 Exhibitions                                             

George Stern Fine Arts presents an exhibition of work by California Impressionist Edgar Payne (1882-1947) whose work can be found in several museums nationally, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Oakland Museum, the Fleischer Museum, the National Academy of Design, the Indianapolis Museum, the Laguna Museum and the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. Brenda Harrop’s “Rapture,” paintings by French artist Franck Bailleul and L.A.-based Iranian artist Soroush Payandeh highlights the two artists’ shared imaginations and their pursuit for capturing the sacredness of nature. Cal Arts graduate and Guggenheim Fellowship recipient Bernard Cooper joins renown sculptor Lloyd Hamerol in a two-person exhibition at Thomas Paul Fine Art.

Guest curator Oculus Gallery presents Meg Franklin: Still Lifes at VAROLA, featuring recent work that examines Franklin’s process: collecting objects, designing a tableau based on the objects and subsequently painting them in deep, bold, acidic colors on velvet or canvas. Influenced by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, Franklin’s work displays acute sensitivity to creating a sense of mystery and wonder. Franklin states: “I really love being baffled by something. I hope the paintings point to the pleasures of closely observing physical things.”

On view in the Blue Lobby through June 2018 are sculptures by Los Angeles artist Shana Mabari that explore the intersections of art, science and technology. Mabari investigates ways in which worldly stimuli and phenomena are absorbed and processed through sensory and visual perception. The artist orchestrates light, reflection, color contrast, and geometry with the intent to play with the experience of physical space. Her work addresses the Light and Space movement that originated in California in the 1960s with inspiration that includes James Turrell, Buckminster Fuller and groundbreaking research by experts in the Vision Sciences at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

Below is a list of designLAb galleries and for further details please contact the gallery for further exhibition information.

CMay Gallery                                                                                  

Group Exhibition: Art History, Interrupted       
March 22– May 4


CMay is pleased to present Art History, Interrupted, curated by Shana Nys Dambrot and featuring works by Andy Bauch, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Jay Mark Johnson and an original score by Geoff Levin.

Image: Andy Bauch, Chuck Close, 2016, 17,100 Lego Pieces, Courtesy Andy Bauch.


Espace Franck Bailleul

Soroush Payandeh: Rapture
March 22- March 15

franckbailleul.com       brendaharrop.com

Befitting with this year’s West Week theme Design is Global, Brenda Harrop Art Advisory is honored to present Rapture, an exhibition of two artists from two countries: Franck Bailleul from France and Soroush Payandeh from Iran.

Image: Soroush Payandeh, Cannot Find The End, 2016, Mixed Media on fiberglass Panels, Courtesy Soroush Payandeh and Brenda Harrop.


Galerie Montaigne

JP: Brooklyn
March 22  – April 30


Image: JP, De Niro, 2017, Acrylic, Glitter on Canvas,, Courtesy La Galerie Montaigne.


Industry Gallery

Daniel Widrig: Spacestream
March 22 – June 1


Embracing the digital system in his early days, the London-based designer and architect Daniel Widrig is known for work that is cutting edge of 3D printed design.

Image: Daniel Widrig, The Art & Science of Supernatural Motion, 2013, Resin, Stereolithography, Commissioned by Nike Global Energy, Courtesy Industry Gallery.


Laurent & Martin 

Giuliano Bekor: Emulsion
March 22 – June 15

Laurent & Martin is pleased to present  Emulsion by photographer Giuliano Bekor, a series of prints mounted on aluminum that explores the Kaleidoscopic effect of color as it transforms into shapes, obscuring the faces of subjects and rendering them painterly.

Image: Giuliano Bekor, Emulsion Series -EM13, 2009, Fujiflex Print, Mounted on Aluminium with Laminate, Courtesy Giuliano Bekor.


Meta-4 Art

Manfred Menz: Mind game
March 22 –  May 4


Image: Manfred Menz, Louvre, Paris, 2003, Lambda Print, Courtesy Manfred Menz.


Sur Le Mur

Claudia Meyer: Sensoria
March 22  – April 21


Sur le Mur is pleased to present internationally acclaimed artist Claudia Meyer Sensoria, an interactive artwork featuring augmented reality. Upon entrance to the gallery, guests will receive a free download application to experience the art on another dimension.

Image: Claudia Meyer, Sensoris, 2018, Mixed Media: Carved Acrylic Glass, Stainless Steel, LED Light and Augmented Reality, Photo Credit: Stephan Meyer.



George Stern Fine Arts

Early California Impressionists
March 22 – March 9


The turn of the century ushered in artists from all over the U.S and Europe all eager to paint California’s natural and varied beauty. Los Angeles became home to many of these artists, several who later defined the California Plein-Air style. This exhibition celebrates the early California impressionists of the time.

Image: Edgar PayneMorning Light, c. 1919, Oil on Canvas, Courtesy George Stern Fine Arts.


Thomas Paul Fine Art

January 25 – March 1


Image: James Robie, Little Steps, 2011-12, Courtesy Thomas Paul Fine Arts.



Meg Franklin: Still Life 
Curated by Oculus Gallery
January 25 – March 16

helenvarola.com          oculus-gallery.com

Meg Franklin Still Life will feature a brand new body of work by artist Meg Franklin (b.1982). Franklin’s process includes collecting objects, designing a tableau from them and subsequently painting these curated scened in deep, bold, acidic color on velvet or canvas.

Image: Meg Franklin, Mom’s Seaside Dress, 2017, Oil and Acrylic on Velvet, Courtesy Oculus Gallery.


Young Projects Gallery

Kim Schoen: Hysteric’s Discourse
March 22 – June 1


Image: Kim Schoen, Tell Who I am, 2017, Courtesy Kim Schoen and Young Projects Gallery.

About designLAb

designLAb provides a platform to explore art that addresses the design center‘s unique context of interior design, spanning a variety of art disciplines and media. designLAb is conceived and directed by curator Helen Varola and made possible by Charles S. Cohen, collector and generous supporter of MOCA Pacific Design Center.

designLAb is located on the 2nd floor of the Blue Building and most galleries are open Monday – Friday from 11:00 – 6:00 PM or by appointment on Saturday. Enter Pacific Design Center’s Blue Building on Melrose and use the escalators or elevators to the 2nd floor.

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