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Fall Market Photo Recap

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Check-out all the events, programs and presentations that made PDC’s Fall Market 2014 a success. Click here to see more.

Traditional Home’s Fall Market Keynote Recap


Last Thursday the PDC hosted its annual Fall Market with a keynote presentation that celebrated Traditional Home’s 25th anniversary. Tradition and history are coded within the magazine’s editorial identity, and moderator Krissa Rossbund, Senior Style Editor, invited design panelists Chris Barrett, Trip Haenisch and Jamie Bush to contextualize the past 25 years with a discussion about the changes in the design industry to evolution their careers and personal experience. Read more.

L.A. artist dresses up colors at Verge Center for the Arts

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Walking into the gallery at Verge Center for the Arts, you are surrounded by color. Arranged around the room are hundreds of dresses in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – the seven colors of the chromatic spectrum.

The experience first brings to mind a color wheel, then the sheets of paint chips at hardware stores. Then the floor-to-ceiling rows of dresses make you think of a choir, the heads of the singers absent. Or regimented rows of soldiers, an army of color.

Read more here.

Pindler’s Big Sky Collection

Big Sky

Pindler is proud to present our new Exclusive Big Sky Collection. This collection is an authentic Southwestern grouping that gets its inspiration from classic design icons of the American Indian culture. Known for their use of simple geometry of symbolic design, much of their textiles incorporated the art of balance within nature. These fabrics are reminiscent of vintage serape stripes, blankets, and hand-woven textiles. The patterns in the Big Sky Collection are exclusive to Pindler and have been colored in updated desert tones and classic Southwest colors with subtle accent colors. The Big Sky Collection is a selection of seven designs that each meet a minimum of 30,000 double rubs.