W. Hollywood, CA


Shahla Friberg

Thomas Lavin Showroom,
Suite B310

The gleaming and reflective glass sculptures of Shahla Friberg radiate like beacons drawing us in to experience new realities. Featuring both free standing and wall mounted forms of mirrored and stained glass; the unique hand-built construction engages viewers with surprising vistas and visceral experiences of color and light. The sparkling works ultimately alter our expectations and, by extension, perception itself.

Currently living and working between Los Angeles, CA and Skåne, Sweden; Friberg works in an open-ended meditative-like process guided by the her intuitions and discoveries. Like forms found in nature such as crystals or minerals, each sculpture grows slowly facet by facet, element by element as the ultimate shape is reveled to the artist during the process of building them. Made of hundreds of individual multi-colored panes of differently textures translucent and mirrored glass in a seemingly infinite gradients of colors; the constructions reveal diverse harmonies of rugged shapes and fragments.