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Cygal Art Deco Inc

The craftsmanship and superiority of material we so value in antiques is still available to this day. Cygal Art Deco furniture is hand-crafted in Germany; its perfection is achieved through a combination of mastering the craft, and the individuality of nature. The classic lines of an era gone by are characteristic of the Cygal collections, where Art Deco and Contemporary design come together in perfect harmony.

Cygal Art Deco pieces are the opposite of mass-produced: We build furniture as unique as the people who use it. Timeless beauty for generations to come.

Exclusively represented are German boutique workshop CYGAL ART DECO, makers of fine furnishings, applied in residential, commercial, hospitality and yacht projects world-wide; curated ART and LONGWY, renowned French manufacturer of vases and accessories extraordinaire since 1798.