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designLAb’s November Opening Bridges Art And Design

designLAb, PDC’s dynamic contemporary art initiative, opened its doors to the Los Angeles art community on Thursday, November 12th for its final opening of 2015, showcasing innovative work from an exciting and diverse group of local and international artists. The Second Floor of the Blue Building buzzed with excitement as 14 galleries unveiled new exhibitions which included site-specific installations by Spanish sculptor Heras Castan at Boite Noire Gallery, and a bespoke immersive video/sensory experience by Julie Weitz at YoungProjects. Boite Noire’s opening also featured a live performance by artist Miki Yokoyama as she covered a marble sculpture by Castan with black ink, taking breaks to face-paint willing attendees. (more…)

Artist Danny Minnick Brings His Studio to PDC


From a traditional architectural standpoint, walls tend to represent permanence and stability. Los Angeles-based artist Danny Minnick, however, has turned them into something far more nomadic for his latest designLAb exhibition at PDC’s Boîte Noire Gallery: Break the Walls.

Read the complete story at Go Design Go.

Christopher Mount Opens Gallery at PDC

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Among the 10 new exhibitions showing at the PDC’s designLAb this summer is “A Modern Master: Photos by Balthazar Korab” curated by Christopher Mount. Read more.

Design Treasures Once Destined for Archives Now Can Be Yours

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Meditations on Disintegration

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