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Design Referral Service

The Referral Program is a complimentary service that helps individuals select an interior designer who best suits their taste, project scope and budget. Whether building a new home, planning a renovation or redecorating a single room, Pacific Design Center will make the designer selection process easier. Our designers represent a broad range of styles and have been recognized and awarded by national trade associations and publications.

Consulting & Buying Services

Pacific Design Services provides a unique insider consulting & Buying program that provides the consumer who is not presently working with a designer the opportunity to purchase a limited number of items at the to-the-trade only prices plus a modest administrative fee. This service extends a coveted privilege to select from the variety of textiles and furnishings available by only at Pacific Design Center.

Admission Policy

Admission to the PDC showrooms varies according to each showroom’s policy:

Design Clientele

Design Professionals (designers, architects, etc.) may accompany their clients during normal business hours. Clients may be admitted on their own with a current letter of introduction from a qualified design professional. To make arrangements for your clients to visit the building without you:

  • Write a letter to Pacific Design Center with your client’s name, address and telephone number on your company letterhead.
  • Specify the showroom(s) you wish him/her to visit, a contact person and the terms of service you would like the showroom(s) to provide, i.e., memo samples, tear sheets, prices, etc.
  • Specify the date(s) your client is to visit the PDC. This letter must be signed by the design professional working with the client.
  • Advise your clients that they are required to show a letter of introduction to each showroom they visit.

Not all showrooms allow visits by unaccompanied clients. Please check with each showroom in advance. Designers who do not give a letter of introduction to their client in advance may send it via email to Pacific Design Center’s marketing department at mhughes@pacificdesigncenter.com. Clients should be instructed to pick up a letter at the concierge desk in the lobby.

Members of the Public

If you are not currently working with a designer but would like to take advantage of PDC’s vast array of exclusive inventory, you should contact Pacific Design Services at 310 360 6418 to coordinate admission to showrooms. Generally showrooms will not allow public admittance to their suites without correspondence from the building.